Porn is not a victimless crime

Former Pornography, Donny Pauling, explains how he would trick and coerce porn performers into giving more and doing things they didn’t want to do.

Author and activist Gail Dines tells of the abuse, financial hardships, and other vulnerabilities that are exploited by the industry to coerce girls into porn.

Former porn “star” performer Shelley Lubben shares her experience and the reality that the girls face – abuse, drugs, disease, STDs, and more.

Porn is not a victimless crime. It is not glamorous. Performers can hardly be consenting to this abuse.


Boyfriend Prefers Porn Over Intimacy


By Anonymous

I first met my boyfriend a few years ago and it was amazing, things couldn’t be better. I couldn’t get enough of him; he was kind, thoughtful, caring, loving, passionate, supportive and fantastic with my children. After 8 months we decided to move in together.

After 2 months, I first discovered my boyfriend had been watching porn on the laptop. I was gutted and upset and couldn’t understand why he had been watching it as we had a really good sex life as I have a really high sex drive myself.

I kept a close eye on the laptop history and found that every morning when he got up for work, while I was still in bed, he would watch it. It drove me crazy as it was getting worse and he was even sneaking about and watching it while I was having a soak in the bath. It got to where I was paranoid while in the bath and would be as quick as I could to hurry up and get out just so he couldn’t watch it.  Read full article


8 Tips for communicating with a narcissist

Tweet Buffer Narcissists don’t use language like normal people do. Normal people communicate their needs, thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Normal people talk to entertain and be entertained and talk to gain intimacy in relationships. The narcissist talks to obtain a goal. This article goes in depth to explain the goals […] Read more »