Suicide After Ashley Madison Hack


Personally, I think the Ashley Madison hack was the icing on the cake for this guy. The website can hardly be blamed for this suicide. The suicide itself is linked to the mental state of this guy and the level of guilt he carried or the amount of embarrassment he faced. No more, no less.

I’m glad that site was hacked and people were either exposed or endured high levels of stress for fear of exposure. Cheating is wrong and people have GOT to realize, nothing they do online is private or secret. They will be found out – eventually.

According to the San Antonio Current, a city employee believed to have been exposed as part of the Ashley Madison account leak has since committed suicide.

Capt. Michael Gorhum, a 25-year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department, killed himself Thursday with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, KSAT-TV reported. The Current was unable to verify, however, if the hack played any role in Gorhum’s suicide.

The following day, The San Antonio Express-News reported that three city employee email addresses were among those used to create accounts on the extramarital-affair website.

While it did not publish any of the email addresses in its article, it noted that one of them belonged to an SAPD captain. The paper also declined to state whether or not the employees’ email addresses were among those involved in the leak.

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He Lied and Cheated So She Is Selling His Stuff

ex husband sale

An Ohio woman planning a move held an “ex-husband sale” last weekend.

After a 33-year marriage, Linda Taylor was awarded her home and all of its contents in her divorce with her ex-husband. Now she’s headed for North Carolina, and she needed to get rid of all the stuff.

“I don’t want to have the same furniture, or anything to remind me of what we had,” she said.

Taylor and her son, JD, put up “ex-husband sale” signs by the highway and posted a poetic ad on Craigslist stating “he lied he cheated, what a fool. Now I’m selling his power tools.”

The sale included items like golf clubs, a pool table and a shop vac.

“All the memories and the bad energy that’s here, it’s time to let it all go. It’s time to just release and start fresh, and go do whatever she wants to do,” JD said.

Taylor said holding the same was almost therapeutic.

“Now that they’re gone, I feel like I can move on,” she said.

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